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LA-Signs: Professional Business Sign Maker in Birmingham

LA-Signs is one of the highly professional business signs maker in Birmingham that specializes in manufacturing flat cut letters, 3D built up letters, bespoke fabricated signage, letters and logos. As a professional sign manufacturer in Birmingham, we use cutting edge technologies and advanced techniques to manufacture high quality products like bespoke signage and high level of LED Business Signs. Having great skills and years of experience to master those skills needed for perfect signage, we are proud to be recognized as the most competent and professional sign maker in Birmingham, UK.

Our main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing highly reliable, professional services like designing, manufacturing and installation of different types of signs that suits your business requirements and budget. Using the latest technologies, tried and tested materials, we will ensure of providing you the best quality products at an affordable price. As an experienced business signs maker in Birmingham, we assure of providing a peace of mind to the customers.

We can visit your site to take the measurements and give a free written estimate. Contact us today!



LA Signs offer a professional service to project-manage your signage requirements from start to finish. Such comprehensive services levels are difficult to match in the sign market, and incorporate the following area of work :


Site Visit to take measurements and give you a free written estimate.

Design & Manufacture

Best Design in Industry to offer High Quality Self Manufactured SIGNS.

Installation & Project

Sign Manufacturing and Installation will be done by us.


We will also advise on Maintenance of the Signs.


Light-emitting diode (LED), is the new technology that require less energy to power. LED signs are re-programmable so you can easily change the display and animation as often as you like. LED's offer a “warm” glow – much like their incandescent counterparts. It is thought to save you around 80% of electrical power compared to incandescent bulbs. Once installed, LED's will not trouble you, so maintenance is rarely required. No hazard to health or the environment is linked to their usage; there is no high powered discharge that can have a detrimental effect on the eyes. No hazardous solids, liquids or gases go into their production.

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