Exterior Signage

Bespoke Exterior Signage

LA-Signs is one of the highly renowned exterior signs manufacturers in Birmingham, manufacturing professional exterior sign products for your needs or business. Our bespoke exterior signs will prove to be the eye catching and best marketing material. Apart from giving your business a professional look, an impressive exterior sign will initially act as the main point to call or attract potential customers.

Reliable Sign Manufacturer in Birmingham:

As an experienced exterior signage manufacturer in Birmingham, we will help you in presenting your business in a professional and creative way that creates a huge impact on the decisions of potential customers. Our high quality exterior sign will full fill the mission of your business by giving it a unique and different look. With us, you can suitably customize a desired type of exterior sign by choosing the right materials and the best appearance.

Whether you want a Light box, Sign tray, Flat cut letters or 3D built up letters, we will offer you the best solution.

Light Box:

Light boxes are eye-catching, proven successful and ideal way of displaying your business name and logo. They come single sided or double, hanging, projecting or wall mounted. Lightbox signs are ideal when you need a full illuminated display unit. To illuminate we use fluorescent tube lights or LED depending on your demand.

Sign tray:

Our sign trays are produced from a 3mm thick aluminium composite sheets that are available in a large variety of colors; they can be illuminated or non-illuminated as well.

3D built up letters:

3D letters can be built from a variety of materials such as acrylic, stainless steel and PVC foam; to give the desired effect. Regardless to whether they are illuminated or non-illuminated, 3D built up letters can still give the desired effect duo to various options of colors and styles that are available.

Flat cut letters:

Flat cut letters can be produced from a range of materials to achieve its purpose. They can have a mirror finish or plain colour effect. Materials we use to produce flat cut letters include acrylic, Perspex, Alupanel composites and Palite Foam PVC.

Simply rely on an expert exterior signs maker in Birmingham to get cost-effective and high quality products!

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